E-wallet System

The e-wallet system aims to help the school manage students’ requests from the canteen, inform parents of all student requests from the canteen, manage the wallet accounts and control some elements within the wallet for each student.

  • 01. Barcode card for each student.
  • 02. A school-based portal for storing data and accessing the report-making system that allows the school to obtain analytics or print data.
  • 03. Barcode reader in the wallet to read students’ barcode cards.
  • 04. Mobile application for mothers and fathers.
  • 05. Recharging the student’s wallet account.
  • 06. Showcasing the student’s orders to the parents.
  • 07. Saving items in the system and updating it at any time.
  • 08. Saving the menu’s list in the system and updating it at any time.
  • 09. Mobile application for parents to manage student’s orders and account.
  • 10. Parents can put some items in the blacklist.
  • 11. Stock and inventory.
  • 12. Item management.
  • 13. Stock addition permit.
  • 14. Periodic inventories.
  • 15. Sales point.
  • 16. Management of sales process for students.
  • 17. Financial matters.
  • 18. Student’s financial information.
  • 19. Portfolio of financial Statements.
  • 20. Parents’ financial information.
  • 21. Blacklist items.
  • 22. Financial accounts for each student.
  • 23. Reports
    1. 23. daily sales report.
    2. 23. student account report Detailed.
    3. 23. student account report Gross.

User privileges:

The system has the ability to create multiple groups to give privileges and powers to users at the level of one screen and at more than one level, where we can give the power to add without modification to the same employee on the same screen, and even more within the user groups.