What is School One ?

It’s a mobile application works on Android and Apple devices to help the school in contacting parents with faster and newest current technology, and contributes in saving a lot of money and time.


Why choose School One ?

School one is from the first applications made from Bazzil company to facilitate the school contacting with parent, and that’s why It carries a lot of experience, also it helps in saving a lot of money and time, by saving the fees of SMS, paper printing and phone calls, and contributes in making the school more unique between other schools, and helps in satisfying the parent by the easiness of communication between school and parents by the following mechanisms :

  • Alerts and News
  • School Homeworks
  • Exams results
  • Timetable
  • Everyday tasks
  • And more...



School One helps in the easy communication with the parent by sending notifications, photos and files to the parent’s phone.

Electronic wallet


Parent – through school one application – can track the purchases of his son from school and easily control it.



School one helps in sending everything related to the educational process to the parent’s phone from homeworks, revision files, exams’ results and more.

School library


School one application contributes in tracking the school books borrowing and sending notifications to the parent with the date of return.

Bus tracking


By School One, The parent can track his son’s bus through the application School one, and receive notifications when the bus arrives.

Online update


The parent can update his data online with school one app without need to go to school every time.

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