What is Bus Tracker ?

It’s a mobile application helps the school and parent in tracking the journey of buses from and to school and contributes in saving a lot of money and decreasing dangers the student might face.

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Why choose Bus Tracker ?

Puzzle Bus Tracker is from the first applications made by the company Bazzil to facilitate the buses movement by the parent and the school, and that’s why “puzzle bus tracker”carries a lot of experiences, it also helps in saving a lot of money and time and contributes in making the school unique between the other schools, and contributes in satisfying the parent because of the easiness of tracking the buss through the following methods :

  • Notifications
  • Auto Arrangement
  • Bus Location
  • Bus Speed
  • Absents
  • And More ...



Puzzle Bus Tracker” sends auto notifications when the bus is near the home for the student to get ready to minimize the time of bus wait, which helps in making the bus arrive on time.

Supervisor Application


Puzzle Bus Tracker” helps the supervisor in knowing the attendant students in the journey for coming or going for each student.

Current location


Puzzle Bus Tracker helps in knowing the bus location anytime and save it, and knowing the track of bus in specific duration.

Auto Arrangement


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Bus Tracking


Puzzle Bus Tracker helps the parent in tracking his son’s bus easily through the application, and getting notifications whether the bus will arrive to the student’s home or not easily.



Through the admin site of”puzzle Bus Tracker” you can print presence, absence and latancies of students and workers subscribed in the buses.

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